Guide To Micro SD Cards: Tech Source Canada

A Mirco SD card can store approximately 8GB of data. These cards are relatively simple to use. You need to insert the card into an external micro SD card reader with a small slot. The reader makes a clicking noise when the card is installed. After you have inserted the card, you can open the file system and explore the files. However, this type of card reader is not recommended for storing large amounts of data.

Types of Micro SD cards

  • For smartphones and tablets
  • For computers

There are two main types of Micro SD cards. The first type is for smartphones and tablets, while the second type is for computers. If you are unsure which one to purchase, you can read the SD card's specifications on the SD Association website.

This type of card is also used in drones and PCs. It is also available in a larger capacity. If you plan to use it on a computer, you should purchase the one with the highest quality.

As the name implies, Micro SD cards are categorized by speed. Class two cards have a minimum write speed of 2 MB/s, while class three is capable of writing at 30 MB/s. The UHS classification is divided into three subclasses and is available as a microSD card. Its writing speed is also determined by its bus speed class, which is vital for video recording.